Monday, 30 August 1999

Paradise is - sitting in a schooner bow, watching whales

A real whale-fest today. In the morning we went out in a different lobster boat which, like the one yesterday, was actually smaller than the 50 to 60 foot right whales we encountered. Then in the afternoon a real treat – we went out on a beautiful schooner. I got myself a place squeezed right in the bow of the ship, so great views, and we saw not only more northern right whales but also fin whales.

More photos of tail flukes – if you love whales you never get tired of seeing that big tail roll out of the water, flip up and then slide back beneath the waves, but only the species with the thickest blubber need to do this (to overcome their buoyancy). Fin whales have (relatively) less blubber and so don’t show their tail flukes when they dive.
The day ended with calm waters and a beautiful sunset.