Sunday, 8 May 2016

Bempton birds

Today I was at the Bempton Cliffs 'bioblitz' for small mammal trapping and (supposedly) cetacean spotting. Our Longworth traps caught several bank voles and wood mice, but persistent sea mist meant that spotting marine mammals from the cliff top was quite a challenge - all we saw was one grey seal.

We were surrounded by thousands of seabirds of various species (the cliffs from Bempton to Flamborough are home to 250,000 birds during the breeding season), but people were queuing up to get a look at this little puffin.

Getting nowhere near as much attention but almost as photogenic, a pair of razorbills was nesting close to our lookout point.


Monday, 25 April 2016

Boss Hogg

I've been putting food out for the resident hedgehog but, having also caught foxes and cats on camera, I wasn't sure who was getting the food. Last night's photos and footage suggest the hog is boss.